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This was developed by Dr Kerri Baker and Dr Clive Goddard, training programme directors in the South East of Scotland and adapted for use in the West of Scotland by Dr Marie Freel, updated 9/2018

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Medical obstetrics

20th February 2019

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Dates of 2018-19 CoMEP sessions

Topics will be confirmed nearer the time

☑️  20th August 2018 - Regional induction

☑️  14th September 2018 - External pacing refresher, Acute medical cases, PACES 2020 update

☑️ 24th October 2018 - Sepsis, Quality Improvement, Poisoning

☑️ 23rd November 2018 - Radiology

☑️ 19th December 2018 - Palliative care / oncology

☑️ 16th January 2019 - Neurology

20th February 2019 - Medical obstetrics

20th March 2019 - Respiratory

26th April 2019 - ARCP preparation session

15th May 2019 - QI conference

There are three core medicine training programmes in the West of Scotland and trainees have access to regional teaching with a two year rolling programme covering the top twenty presentations and the main clinical conditions described in the core medicine curriculum. This programme will evolve from August 2019 to include the new internal medicine education programme, a three year rolling schedule.

The teaching programme involves sessions mainly based at NHS Education (Scotland) at 2 Central Quay with additional days at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and elsewhere.

Many of the teaching sessions are recorded and these are available on this website. Copyright is retained by the individual speakers.